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Club History

Established in 1916, KBC has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the best known bowling establishments on the North Shore.  A brief milestone of historical events is included here

1916 – The Killara Bowling Club (affiliated with the Killara Tennis Club) adopted rules covering such basic matters as membership, meetings, committees and subscriptions. The laws of the Game of Bowls, as adopted by the New South Wales Bowling Association, were declared to be the laws of the Club.

1919 -The Killara Bowling Club separated from the Tennis Club and launched out on its own with the formation of the Killara Bowling Company Pty Ltd in order to purchase the site which had been previously rented from the Founder of the Club, J.G.Edwards.  Money for this purchase was raised by issuing shares in the Company, taken up by a number of the club’s members.

1923 – The Bowling Club commenced progressively purchasing the Company shares from members and had gained controlling interest in the Company by 1927, but it took many more years before the Club had acquired all the shares.

1970 – Provision was made for women members, with membership being open to males over 18 and females over 21.

1978 – The Killara Women’s Bowling Club was launched with 16 foundation members with its own constitution. The men’s club retained the name “The Killara Bowling Club”.

1987 – The Killara Bowling Club Limited became a Registered Club with the subsidiary men’s and women’s clubs remaining as subsidiaries, their function being to deal with the sporting and allied aspects of bowls.

2013 – The day to day running of the Killara Bowling Club (KBC) and Killara Women’s Bowling Club (KWBC) was placed under a single Joint Management Committee to improve administration efficiency  and bring the two clubs closer together.  Both the clubs continue to exist as required by WBNSW and NSW Bowls.

2016 – The Club marks its Centenary with Plaque and Flag Ceremonies attended by Local, State and Federal Dignitaries.