Social Bowls

Mixed Bowls: Wednesdays and Saturdays

  • Call 9498 1851 between 10.30am and 11.30am for a game
  • Play starts 12.30pm

First National Johnson Big Day Triples: Thursdays click for details.

  • Jackpot of up to $500, prizes for winning and runner up rinks
  • Call 9498 1851 between 10.30am and 11.30am for a game, individuals or prenominated team
  • Play starts 12.30pm

Women’s Bowls: Tuesdays

  • Call 9498 1851 between 8.30am and 9.00am for a game
  • Play starts 9.30am
Bar Hours

The bar is open Wednesday and Thursday from 11am to 6pm, Saturday from 11am to 6:30pm,

Access to Greens:

Subject to the availability of Green space, members may roll-up on all days of the week after 10.00am. A Championship match may commence after 9.30am, provided it has been entered in the roll-up book on the previous day.

Competitive Bowls

KBC has a wide range of competitive bowls events.  Click on the event listed below for more information or click on detailed KBC match guide.

A. INTERNAL COMPETITIONS – those organised by KBC for its own members.

  1. Gissing Consistency Competition,
  2. Place of Origin and
  3. KBC Championships.

B. COMPETITIONS WHICH INCLUDE PLAYERS FROM OTHER CLUBS – those organised by KBC between KBC members and members of other clubs.

  1. First National Johnson,
  2. Cyril South and
  3. The Painting Trophies.


  • Mens bowls – NSW  is divided into Zones by Bowls NSW.  KBC is in Zone 9.  Zone 9 conducts the Pennants and Mid-Week Triples Competitions.
  • Womens bowls – NSW is divided into Districts by Womens Bowls NSW.  KBC is in the North Shore district.  The North Shore district conducts the Pennants.

Entry – For all competitions a notice is placed on the Bowls Notice Board, asking for interested players to place their names on the appropriate list.